Workplace Culture is Changing

Workplace Culture is Changing

With advancement in workplace technologies, workers are able to adapt a much more flexible approach to working, no longer tied to the office from nine till five employees are able to work from home, the office and even the odd coffee shop!

So it's safe to say that office working has moved on from the days of typewriters, fax machines and dial up internet, but has this had an impact on the health of the employee? 

Obesity in the UK is at an all time high, with many health officials pointing the finger at the sedentary lifestyle many of us are now leading. But with so many desk based jobs, is it any wonder that our health is on the decline?

Interestingly, when we first launched we thought that our target demographic would be young creative types and offices full of millennials - workplaces aimed at turning convention on it's head (we often pictured Google's head quarters). However, what we soon discovered was that our main users were in fact office workers in their forties and fifties who had perhaps been desk bound for some twenty/thirty years and were now feeling the repercussions of leading such a lifestyle. It's well known that walking whilst working promotes many health benefits and can even help right the wrongs of years gone by, but can companies do more to address this problem, update and create more active offices without overhauling their entire work environment?

Let's take a look at what's available, and how easy each active desk is to incorporate into daily office life!


The best thing about this machine, is its low maintenance. The machine is the most heavy duty of the Lifespan range, requiring very little maintenance. It also comes with an electronic height adjustable desk allowing users to change the desk height at the touch of a button, it's also comes with a user-friendly control panel with fast programming making it the ideal desk for high-use hot-desking environments. This machine is also available on lease hire and can be sold including an annual maintenance programme - a great and easy to manage investment for businesses. 



This machine is more popular with our home users, partly due to it's quieter running motor. In small spaces, the machine has about as much noise impact as a desk fan. This TR1200 is suitable for up to 6 hours use per day which is adequate for most home users, the belt itself only requires lubricating once every 3 months, and we can provide a handy user guide which instructs users on how to do this. 


Bike Desk


The trio bike desk is the latest model to come out of lifespan, very new to the UK we think that this is going to be extremely popular due to it's versatility. Firstly, the bikes are controlled by pedal-power alone, with no cables to contend with, it gets a firm nod of approval from facilities and health and safety managers. It boasts whisper quiet technology and can be easily transported around the workplace thanks to the concealed wheels, making it a hot-desk one minute and a meeting room table the next! 

We hope we have given you some ideas of the simple way you can transform the way you work. All of our products are tried, tested and used daily at the Treadmill Desk HQ, so please feel free to contact one of our friendly team of treadmill deskers if you have any questions about any of our products!