KARDO Pole Mounted Single Monitor Arm - Silver (with 700mm pole)

Type: Accessories
  • Exclusive for Treadmill Deskstore - fitted with longer pole
  • Quick release removable VESA mounting plate 
  • One touch height adjustment
  • Complete cable management
  • Preassembled clamp or through desk fixing
  • Suitable for treadmill desk users and all desks

Ergonomic guidelines state that your eyes should be level with the top of the monitor screen in order to maintain the correct posture whilst working. This monitor arm is the ideal accessory for a treadmill desk as the clamp allows you to easily adjust the height of the monitor, making it a suitable choice for 'hot-desks' and shared spaces. 

The long arm on this model will allow you to position a monitor to the left or right of your desktop. This is especially useful if you have a chair and treadmill base side by side at the same desk.

Monitor arms offer DSE compliance benefits and can help to reduce the frequency of staff absense due to headaches, backache and other MSD issues associated with office working.  Capacity for one screen up to 12.5kg in weight.