We are the UK’s No.1 supplier of LifeSpan treadmill desk, so we’ve been asked many questions about walking and working. Below you’ll find answer to the questions we get asked the most.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a treadmill desk

What is a treadmill desk and how does it work?

Very simply, a treadmill desk is a term used to describe a workstation that users can use whilst walking. It comprises of a treadmill, a sit/stand (or height adjustable) desk and a desktop controller. 

The treadmill itself is designed specifically for walking (not running) and to fit under a desk. So, unlike a running treadmill it has no handrails, it is very quiet and is controlled using a remote controller that sits on the desktop. Set up is simple and if you already have a height adjustable desk you simply place the treadmill base under your desk, switch on and walk whilst you work.

Why would I want to walk whilst working?

The simple answer is that regular walking in place of sitting will be beneficial to your health. Humans aren’t designed to be seated for long periods of time; in fact it’s very bad for us. Improved back health is the most commonly reported benefit along with weight loss and improved productivity after lunch.

Can I work properly whilst walking at a desk?

Yes you can! Once you’ve found your ideal pace the walking very quickly becomes secondary to the work you are doing. In fact, you may be surprised by the amount of distance you’ve covered before you even look down at the display. We generally walk far more slowly whilst working than if we were walking outside.

Can treadmill desks be stored upright?

Treadmill desks and walking pads are not designed to be stored upright. But, they do have wheels and can be rolled out once disconnected, so they can be stored elsewhere between uses.

Purchase, delivery & maintenance

Is it possible to try before I buy?

We have treadmills in our Basildon office (Essex) and are happy for you to visit and try before you buy. Please contact us first to arrange an appointment. 

Do you offer leasing or finance?

We can offer leasing for business purchases, but do not offer short term rentals or personal finance. If you are purchasing on behalf of a business and would like to discuss leasing options please contact us.

How long will my treadmill desk take to arrive?

We can generally deliver treadmills within 2 to 3 working days and only accept orders for machines that are in stock in our warehouse. If you are ordering a bundle that includes a sit/stand desk, these are delivered and installed separately by a dedicated team, generally within 7 working days.

Do the treadmills require maintenance?

The only maintenance required is for lubrication to be applied under the walking belt. This is generally quarterly for the TR1200 and annually for the TR5000.

Is my product covered by warranty?

All of our products are covered by differing levels of warranty depending on the model that you have purchased. Warranty details are listed under the description of each product in the store. You will also find details of your warranty in your user manual which will be shipped along with your treadmill desk.

In the unlikely event that you experience issues with your treadmill we are on hand to provide advice, warranty support and stock spare parts.

Still unsure? 

If your question hasn’t been covered here please call us on 020 7536 2340 or drop us an email using the contact form.