Help staff to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle at work

Improve workplace wellbeing

Installing a shared treadmill desk is a simple and cost-effective way to give your staff the opportunity to improve their health whilst working.

Office workers have never been more sedentary and whilst treadmill desk users generally walk quite slowly (max 2 mph), replacing time spent sitting with a gentle stroll whilst working provides numerous health and productivity benefits.

An active workplace can help businesses improve their culture, demonstrate good corporate social value and incentivise people to return to the office.

Treadmill desks are the perfect solution.

Successfully launch your initiative

Whether you plan on installing one or a bank of treadmill desks, we can help you launch a successful and lasting workplace wellbeing initiative. 

We’ve worked with a wide range of companies to help them overcome the most common misconceptions. It’s easy to work and type whilst walking and there is never running involved! We’ve developed User Guides and a rigorous Health and Safety Risk Assessment to help ensure your treadmills become a safe and regular part of your office life.

With numerous health benefits, treadmill desks can help to boost focus, productivity (especially after lunch!) and reduce stress. 

Superior quality, multi-use machines that last.

Why Lifespan treadmill desks?

Why Lifespan treadmill desks?

Quite simply, Lifespan treadmill desks are unrivalled globally in terms of quality and durability which is why The Treadmill Deskstore does not sell any other brands.

  • Quality construction: engineered to last for many years using high-quality materials and designed to withstand heavy use. A good long-term investment.
  • Fully serviceable: as the UK’s only stockist, we carry spare parts in the unlikely event your treadmill needs repair.
  • Adjustable speed: desks can be used easily by people of all fitness levels. Speeds are adjustable from 0.4 mph to 4 mph (maximum speed is usually limited to 2 mph). The walking belt stops automatically when the user steps off.
  • Ergonomic design: whisper quiet in operation, the perfect size and comfortable to use. Lifespan treadmills have a solid base fitted with 6 shock absorbers. Desks have an adjustable height feature, enabling the user to find the perfect working posture. 
  • Features: easy to use desktop controllers that keep track of steps and time spent walking – ideal for shared or individual use.
  • Warranty: covers parts and labour, giving you peace of mind and protection against any defects or issues. Extended warranty available for extra peace of mind.

A great investment for any business looking to improve employee health & wellbeing.

With Lifespan's superior quality machines, you can rely on us to keep your workplace walking.