About us

About us

The Treadmill Desk Store has a sister company called Total Office – an office products supplier with over 50 years’ experience. Through Total Office we have witnessed the evolution of office products and the slow descent into the sedentary life style that many of us are now leading.

Whilst out visiting a client for Total Office, Managing Director John Thurgood happened to notice someone walking on a treadmill desk. As an office products supplier, we are experienced in the supply of ergonomic products, but the treadmill desk was something new. Something that could potentially change the way that office workers work.

Lifespan: high-quality, reliable walking pads and treadmills

After researching the benefits of treadmill desking we investigated purchasing our own treadmill desk for use in our office. We discovered many treadmill desk manufacturers and eventually landed upon LifeSpan, they seemed to monopolise the US market with their range of Treadmill Desks. We knew we wanted a machine that would be reliable, would look good and be able to be used by our entire team for long periods throughout the day. So, we ordered a LifeSpan TR5000-DT7, a walking treadmill base with an electronic height adjustable desk.

You can walk and work!

The day the Treadmill Desk arrived, there were certainly a few sceptics, with comments like: 

‘Do you run on it?’
‘I don’t want to get all sweaty at work’
‘I don’t think I could walk and work at the same time’

However, objections were soon overcome when everyone discovered that you can actually walk and work! Plus do all of the other things that you normally do at a desk. Type an email, answer the phone, drink a cup of coffee – okay, so maybe that last one took a bit of practice!

Improved motivation

We knew that Treadmill Desking was a great way to work, everyone seemed more motivated. People soon developed their own routines and preferred times for using the treadmill desk. We knew that treadmill desks were a great thing, we just didn’t know of many people selling them – especially in the UK. So, with months of planning, and agreements drawn up between us and LifeSpan we became an official reseller of LifeSpan treadmill desks. 

The Treadmill Desk Store was born.

Why buy from the Treadmill Desk Store

1. Our team have first-hand experience

You may not know but we were using treadmill desks in our office long before the Treadmill Desk Store was launched! So, not only can we provide technical advice on the machines, we can also offer you impartial treadmill desk advice based on our own experience.

2. UK’s Number 1 reseller of LifeSpan treadmill desks 

Since our launch in 2015, we have established ourselves as the UK’s Number 1 reseller of LifeSpan treadmill desks. We operate from a modern warehouse in Essex and hold stock, which means we can quickly process your order and ensure your machine is delivered and installed safely by our own team or logistics provider.

3. Long-standing industry knowledge

The Treadmill Desk Store is a division of a larger office equipment business called Total Office which has been trading for over 55 years! You can be confident that we understand office environments and that we’ll be around in the future should you need our first class after sales service.

4. Workplace wellbeing matters to us

We have supplied some of the UK’s biggest brands with treadmill desks and enjoy working with forward thinking individuals to help implement workplace wellbeing programs. We constantly research different products that aid and enhance your treadmill desk experience and have even expanded our store to include some well picked ergonomic accessories. 

All the accessories you see in our store have been chosen by our team and work perfectly with our various treadmill desk models. The machines themselves are made by Lifespan Fitness who are based in the US. They’re the global market leader and have sold over 50,000 machines worldwide. Lifespan treadmill desks are designed for walking (not converted running machines) and their new 2016 treadmill bases are the quietest available.

5. Quality and peace of mind

In the unlikely event that you ever have a problem with your treadmill desk you can report it to us here in the UK. We will then work with LifeSpan and the technical team at the factory to quickly diagnose and solve the problem. We also stock several spare parts in our UK warehouse, meaning we can repair and fit new parts quickly. So, you can carry on walking and working as soon as possible.

6. Enable a healthier workplace

As treadmill desk users ourselves we have experienced first-hand how a business can benefit and see real return on their investment. With the introduction of workplace wellbeing programs and increasing media coverage, treadmill desks are becoming more widely used in offices to combat sedentary lifestyles associated with spending too long sitting at a desk. 

We can help you create a new, healthier culture within your organisation - which encourages your people to adopt a more active lifestyle outside of work too.

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