Exercise at work: Are we getting enough?

Exercise at work: Are we getting enough?

Exercise at work: Are we getting enough?

We’ve all heard of standing desks and the many benefits associated with a sit stand desk – but is standing all day at work considered exercise? No, unfortunately not. Whilst standing is the healthier choice over sitting, it is still recommended that even those who use standing workstations still inject their day with regular desk exercises.  

However, in a world where many people can perform 100% of their job without moving from their desk chair, is it any wonder that public health is on the decline and many office workers are leading a sedentary life?

So what can we do? Or rather, what can employers do? The answers simple, a treadmill desk – a simple under desk walking treadmill that allows users the freedom of movement without having to abandon their workload.

“You use a treadmill desk?” my friends would laugh, but 4 years down the line the jokes on them when I tell them that in my 90s I will be bopping the night away showing my great grandchildren how to floss! That’s right, as well as improving current health, walking at work is a great preventative of many serious health problems that sitting for many hours can cause. I’m currently 32, and generally thought I wouldn’t have to worry about my long term health for many years to come. Throughout twenties I was pretty much desk bound, it wasn’t until I returned to work after maternity leave 4 years ago that I realised how much sitting all day was having an effect on me. As many new parents will attest you don’t sit down when you have a child, so whilst the comfort of a chair and a hot coffee was novelty at first, I quickly found myself ceasing up by lunchtime with the same urge to stretch that occurs on long-haul flights.  

Luckily, working for an office products company with a large treadmill and bike desk division www.thetreadmilldeskstore.co.uk, my very own treadmill desk was installed within minutes of my first back click! And I can honestly say, I’ve never felt better and more importantly (and because my boss is probably going to read this) I’m also much more productive. I can no longer slump in my chair and gaze out of the window thinking about what Netflix boxset I’m going to binge on next. No, my mind is razor sharp and I feel like I achieve so much more in my day than I ever have. As I’m writing this I am using my treadmill desk, and I’m not alone, many of the treadmill desk users I have spoken to are writers, or people who have simply just grown tired of sitting all day every day.  

Treadmill desking isn’t strange, it’s not some office fad that will pass a treadmill desk is something that can and will help normal office workers just like me. I’m not a fitness expert, I’m just a person who knows and understands the many dangers of “sitting disease” and wants to do something about it before it’s too late.   

You can find many articles on the subject below and if after reading them you want to find out more then please give my fellow treadmill desking colleagues and I a call on 020 756 2340. or visit our store https://www.thetreadmilldeskstore.co.uk/collections/treadmill-desks