Treadmill Desk vs Bike Desk - which is best?

Treadmill Desk vs Bike Desk - which is best?

Treadmill Desk vs Bike Desk - which is best?

Now there is a question!

We get asked this a lot, especially by businesses asking for advice on the best piece of equipment that everybody can benefit from.

The answer is the treadmill desk and bike desks are both great products, just different.

Firstly, as I've said previously there can be some misconceptions about treadmill desks in that people initially think you need to run! This can make them seem a little less accessible than the bikes. We can all ride a bike, especially one that doesn't have wheels!

On the Lifespan C3 bike you are still sitting but it does get you moving and, because the resistance can be set very low, you can gently raise you heart rate which in turns increases circulation.

There are also a couple of new bike desk products that we really love, the Lifespan Duo and Lifespan Trio that have just arrived into stock. What we love about these is that they can go anywhere, no power required and easily moved. They work great in canteen and breakout areas - accessible to everybody, whatever they are doing.

They just scream out at you to want to sit in the comfy seat and start pedalling, again with very low resistance. Lifespan Duo (picture below).


Treadmill Desks on the other hand offer greater health benefits in that you're standing and moving more but they do take slightly more getting used to than a bike desk. I also think treadmill desks offer a bit more "wow" factor which works well for businesses that are trying to adapt their cultures to stand out more.

With both treadmill desks and bike desk you will always have fans or each and the fact is they work well together in helping to reach your employee well being goals.