Treadmill Desks Customer Case Study

Treadmill Desks Customer Case Study

Treadmill Desks Customer Case Study

We love hearing about how treadmill desks have made a difference to our customer’s lives. This blog highlights Ben’s success story, a customer who has integrated treadmill desk products into his daily routine. 

Ben Bozzoni

“In 2019 I became extremely ill with a rare skin condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal (caused as a result from many years of using topical steroid creams for Eczema), which meant that I couldn’t go outside whilst the sun was out, nor could I do any form of strenuous exercise that caused me to sweat.

Fast forward after a year of being debilitated, I was recovering slowly, but had been impacted mentally from the illness, and also from not being able to exercise (I’ve always been super active with sport and running)…

I started looking at ways and means that I could get some activity in during the day, to get me out of the low place I fell into. Luckily, I was able to start working remotely from home. From here, I came across the concept of treadmill desks, and started doing my research on the benefits…

I decided to make the investment into my health, and spoke to John at the treadmill desk store, who was extremely supportive in answering some of my questions, helping me to choose the right treadmill desk.

To this point, I’ve been using my treadmill desk for just over a year, and I honestly do feel that it significantly helped me through my depressive period, and allowed me to exercise in a way where my skin could continue to heal.

I’m grateful to be back in a place where I can now exercise, go outside, and just live my life again… but the treadmill desk I have still gets used on a daily basis! I work in sales, so being able to take calls using a headset/mic setup, helps me to focus and be present when speaking to clients in the day.

I also never get the dreaded ‘afternoon slump’, because I just walk at a casual pace on the treadmill, which means I can be more productive, whilst also rebuild by body’s strength and posture.

If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in your future health, just pick up the phone and speak to John.. he’s super knowledgeable, passionate, and just genuinely wants to help others!”

This case study showcases the positive impact our products can have on your health and productivity. From improving activity levels and mental health to increasing focus and concentration, our customers have experienced a wide range of benefits. We are proud to share their stories and hope they inspire you to make the switch!

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