Walking Treadmills: How to Choose the Right Type for You

Walking Treadmills: How to Choose the Right Type for You

Walking Treadmills: How to Choose the Right Type for You

Walking treadmills, or walking pads as they’re also known, are designed specifically for walking and are different to traditional treadmills. 

Firstly, there are no handles on a walking pad treadmill and the controls are generally separated so they can be controlled remotely from a desktop.

To use a treadmill for working you will need to put it under a height adjustable desk; this will allow you to raise the desktop surface to the correct height whilst walking or standing. If you have a wide enough desk (1.6m) it is possible to fit a chair alongside the treadmill. This enables you to walk, stand and sit all at the same desk! This is the most popular solution for home workers, whereas businesses generally put the treadmill under a narrower desk as a shared workstation that is solely used for walking.

Walking treadmill features

Not all walking treadmills are created equal and it’s important to know what matters before making a purchase. Unfortunately, price isn’t the best deciding factor so, if budget allows, investing in a better quality model pays off. We recommend that you look for:

  • Walking surface & belt width
  • In terms of usability, the first thing to consider is the size of treadmill’s walking surface, especially if the product is described as a walking pad as these tend to be smaller than walking treadmills. Lifespan treadmills offer the largest walking surface with a 50cm belt width, which is more than enough for you not to have to walk unnaturally or worry about hitting the sides. Models with a belt width of 40cm or less tend to be more difficult to use.

  • Motor power
  • Motor power is also critical for the longevity of the treadmill. When we walk on a treadmill our weight never leaves the belt which means the motor works hard, often for longer periods than a running treadmill. That’s why walking for hours on a traditional treadmill is likely to damage the motor. Lifespan treadmills have larger and more powerful motors which are designed to remain cool whilst running slowly and quietly. This is especially important for heavier users.

    Improving workplace health

    Walking treadmills provide an opportunity for you to achieve the perfect posture whilst walking and standing. However, you will need to ensure your monitor is presented at the correct height and we prefer users not to be looking down at laptop screens. We have developed monitor arms with extended height and flexibility to move left and right so you always achieve the best posture whether walking, sitting or standing.

    Despite being the best kept secret for improving the health of office workers, the concept of walking on a treadmill whilst working is still relatively unknown. We offer helpful advice about choosing the right set up for your type of work and available space. 

    Good quality lasts the distance

    Since we started selling Lifespan Treadmills in 2015 there have been lots of new models appear on the market. They all sit at a far lower price-range, but you really do get what you pay for. We’ve found that new customers are often making their second walking treadmill purchase, having found alternate cheaper models burn out with little or no aftersales support. 

    Lifespan Walking Treadmills are the original and the best. The Treadmill Deskstore are a UK based company with staff and premises in Basildon, Essex. In the unlikely event your treadmill breaks down we stock spare parts, and you can be assured of first class pre sales and after sales service.

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