Under Desk Treadmill Customer Review

Under Desk Treadmill Customer Review

Under Desk Treadmill Customer Review

We love hearing about how treadmill desks have made a difference to our customer’s lives. We received this review earlier this month.

"I have had my treadmill for a month now and absolutely love it. I am hitting 10k steps a day most days (up from an average of about 4,000) and I can see that increasing over the next month as I get fitter. I love that I can get those steps in while reading or attending online meetings, and if it is raining or snowing out I can still exercise without the motivation-sapping damp and cold. I feel more energetic and less stiff.

Your communication from order to delivery was absolutely first class, I really appreciated all the care you took to make sure I was kept well informed and that the delivery process was convenient and timely.

It took me a long time to decide to buy a treadmill for my desk - it is an expensive investment when times are tough. I'm early fifties and was feeling sluggish and achy, and generally unwell. I have a family history of heart disease and my cholesterol and weight has been creeping up. In the end I thought, what's the use of saving for retirement if my health isn't good enough to get me to retirement age and beyond. I wish I had taken the plunge three years ago when lockdowns started!

It's not a miracle cure for everything, and I am also focusing on diet and sleep to improve my health, but exercise is so important and this treadmill is really helping.

Anyway - this is the review I wish I had seen three years ago ;-)

Keep up the great work, Emma."


This case study showcases the positive impact our products can have on your health and productivity. From improving activity levels and mental health to increasing focus and concentration, our customers have experienced a wide range of benefits. We are proud to share their stories and hope they inspire you to make the switch!

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