Treadmill Desk - Fact from Fiction

Treadmill Desk - Fact from Fiction

Treadmill Desk - Fact from Fiction

As Treadmill Desks gain popularity among office workers, we thought that as treadmill deskers ourselves we would give you an insight into how the treadmill desk has fitted into our office and sort a few facts from the fiction.

FACT - You CAN walk and work.

Many people don't believe you can actually walk and work, we aren't going to lie, you're not going to be able to type a 1500 word report on your very first treadmill desk experience. However, after a brief settling in session you'll find that walking quickly becomes secondary to working. 

FICTION - The treadmill noise will be too loud for the office.

Our LifeSpan treadmill desks are designed for walking only, so unlike gym treadmills you wont be able to hear the thud of someone pounding the treadmill. The TR1200 and TR5000 LifeSpan treadmill desk bases are also fitted with DC motors for a much quieter performance - making them ideal for office use. 

FACT - Walking on a treadmill desk can greatly improve joint and lower back pain.

Walking naturally improves your posture and strengthens your core, when you sit for 8 hours, it actually puts more pressure on your joints than standing or sitting. Walking, running, and engaging in other weight-bearing activities lead to stronger, denser bones. Lack of activity may cause weak bones and even osteoporosis.


FICTION - You should swap your gym membership for a Treadmill Desk. 

The Treadmill Desk was invented as a way to keep users active at work. They aren't designed as exercise equipment, so they wont give you the same benefits that heart-pumping exercise would. Yet, they do help you burn some extra calories and more importantly help you lead a much healthier and fitter working life. 

FACT - The Treadmill Desk is great for improving cognitive ability. 

Walking and working stimulates your mind. We have all been at work on those days where words seem to jumble and writing a simple email can take over an hour. We've found that hopping on the treadmill desk gives you a fresh approach to work and helps you unlock the creative part of your mind. 

FICTION - The Treadmill Desk will be a novelty that soon wears off.

We've found that once users start feeling the benefits of walking and working they become addicted to the treadmill desks, we're so confident of this that we offer treadmill trials so that you can try before you buy. 

FACT - Treadmill Desks help improve heart health.

Walking at work increases your circulation, which in turn can drastically lower your chance of developing heart disease by as much as 64%. Just walking when you would otherwise be sedentary will help improve cardiac function.