Treadmill Desk - Employee Engagement

Treadmill Desk - Employee Engagement

So, your business has just invested in a treadmill desk, and while treadmill desks are normally very well-received they can occasionally be met with trepidation.

So how can you and your business ensure successful uptake and protect the very important investment in staff health and well-being that you've just made?

Below is our guide, on how to ensure the successful implementation of treadmill desks in your business.  

1. Location Location Location nowadays office design seems to focus on creating large open spaces, and whilst this is great for encouraging good social behavior users may feel a bit on display using a treadmill desk in a large open office so you may want to consider creating a dedicated treadmill desk area and installing two or three machines which can be used as "hot-desks".


2. Create a workplace well-being program we've heard some great success stories where treadmill desks have been installed as part of healthy workplace initiative. Keeping healthy in the workplace doesn't begin and end with a treadmill desk, encouraging movement of any sort will give employees a boost of motivation, one client of ours even holds meetings over a ping pong table! And some Treadmill Desk Store customers have even started providing their employees with free healthy breakfasts ensuring that their staff are getting the right amount of daily vitamins - which has gone a long way in reducing staff sickness.    

3. Set a company challenge when we first installed a treadmill desk in our office we set a company challenge, walking from Lands End to John O'Groats. This was a great way to encourage users and even resulted in a bit of friendly competition over who had the highest step count. The treadmill desk was in use every hour of the working day, so treadmill desk-ing just became a normal part of our every day working life, a year and a half later - we now have three treadmill desks in our office.


4. Provide the right equipment in order to work ergonomically your eyes should be level with the top of the monitor, you may need a monitor riser to do this, visit our store for our recommended range, in offices where users work from laptops you can also purchase specialist pole mounted laptop risers suitable for the treadmill desk - please contact us for details.

5. Spread the message we want your treadmill desks to be well received, we are great believers in the health and business benefits of the treadmill desk - each of our staff members have their own reasons why the treadmill desk works for them - just ask one of us and we will happily tell you our story. We want to work with you to motivate and encourage users within your business, so as well as providing these fantastic treadmill desks we will also provide you with great promotional literature to make sure that you and your company gets the most from your treadmill desk. If you are a London based business - ask us about our free induction sessions! 

We hope that this has given you some ideas to entice your work colleagues away from their chairs, but as always if you have any questions please contact one of our team of treadmill deskers and we will be more than happy to help.