The simple change that your business needs to make...

The simple change that your business needs to make...

The simple change that your business needs to make...

You may already know that The Treadmill Desk Store is a subsidiary of a large office products company, Total Office which has over 50 years experience in the supply and demand of office products. 

Our product offering extends from your every day consumables to business print and in more recent years ergonomic products and equipment. And whilst the majority of ergonomic products are fantastic, most are designed aid people whilst they SIT at their desks. But if sitting is the problem, how can businesses get around this problem and actually help their employees?  

The solution is actually very simple, a treadmill hot-desk. 

We visit many companies who spend a fortune on ergonomic furniture and get frustrated when they see that it's not being used correctly - a treadmill desk puts a stop to this. When you walk your body naturally regains a better posture, which overtime will help to relieve the aches and pains that years of sitting at a desk can cause. 

By creating a treadmill hot-desking area with two or three treadmill desks you are allowing your staff the opportunity to move away from their desk and engage in low impact exercise, without the need to break from their work. The positive impact that treadmill desks have can be felt across the workforce with employees feeling more motivated, healthier and happier while businesses benefit from a reduction in staff sickness and ergonomic spend. 

To give you an idea a good ergonomic chair can cost upwards of £800 and a sit/stand desk in the region of £800-£1000. Our dedicated treadmill desks start from £1425 and can provide a great solution for not just one individual but the entire workforce.

If you need more convincing that treadmill desks could be that change that your business needs then visit our case studies page to read real accounts of how they have been adopted by businesses all over the world.