Are you a home worker?

Are you a home worker?

Working from home has many benefits but it often means we become far more sedentary, your day isn’t usually interspersed with short walks to the photocopier or walking from one department to the next which is why the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are greater to a home worker.

With a Treadmill Desk in your home office you can easily inject some activity into your working day without interrupting your work flow.

Dedicated Walking Workstation

Our Treadmill Desks consist of two components; a treadmill base and a height adjustable desk.

Choosing the correct treadmill base is simple because it’s based on your estimated daily usage. We offer three models, the TR800 (3 hours use), TR1200 (6 hours use) or TR5000 (10 hours use).

There are two integrated desks, DT5 (manually height adjustable) and the DT7 (electrically height adjustable). If your set up is to be used by more than one person it is better to select the DT7 as the DT5 isn’t designed for frequent adjustment.

Treadmill Base with Electronic Height Adjustable Desk from £1935 

Single Desk for sitting, standing and walking – the perfect home solution

By combining a treadmill base with a traditional height adjustable desk will allow you to sit, stand and walk – all at the same desk. Providing the desk is 1600mm wide or more you will have enough space to place a treadmill base and chair side by the side.

We can even help you with some ergonomics accessories like monitor arms and under desk PC holders to create the ultimate home workstation!

The Ultimate Work Station from £1,899

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