My desk job is anything but ordinary - A great review

My desk job is anything but ordinary - A great review


When we sell a treadmill desk to a new user, we really enjoy hearing how they are getting on with their new way of working. We like to keep the door open so that they feel they can get in touch if they ever have an issue or simply just need a bit of help programming their machine. We hear some great accounts of weight loss, reduced back pain, improved health, better circulation and in one case a treadmill desk has even helped one of our customers to better manage their type 1 diabetes! So when someone takes the time to send us a detailed review of their own treadmill desk experience we just have to share it...



My job isn’t exactly unique but the way I do it might be. Like most office workers I spend my days at my desk, but rather than sit on a chair I use a treadmill. ‘What? You’re on a treadmill now, whilst talking to me?’ is what many of my clients ask whilst I’m speaking with them on the phone. Probably because the word treadmill conjures images of a sweaty gym work out rather than what it actually is, a piece of office furniture that allows users to walk at a gentle pace whilst working from their desk. I’ll admit, sometimes when I mention that I have a treadmill desk, I’m often fronted with laughter and the odd ‘are you serious?’ comment, but mainly I’m hit with curiosity.


Although treadmill desks have been around for a few years now, they have only really started growing in popularity over the past year or so, helped by the fact that some of the UK’s biggest brands and faces have got behind them (Hi Sir Richard Branson!), and of course, the gaining media attention surrounding sedentary office workers.


Over the past 6 months I have gone from walking for an average of 3 hours a day to only sitting when I have my lunch, and I’ve managed to do this without really noticing. It turns out treadmill desking is quite addictive. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t do everything at my treadmill desk, certain tasks that require a high level of attention mean that I usually pause the machine and just stand on my treadmill. However, I can fulfill 90% of my working tasks at my treadmill desk, and honestly, I feel better for it!


Walking is not only better for your posture than sitting slumped in an office chair – no matter how expensive your chair may be. Walking will naturally pull your body up into a straighter position, reducing your risk of developing lower back pain and other strain injuries that come from sitting for hours a day in an office chair. I’m also feeling less fatigued than I used to, keeping your circulation pumping really does make you feel a little more energised which in turn makes you a bit more productive. I can honestly say that walking at my treadmill desk has truly become second nature, I no longer notice my steps I just get on with my work.


So to all desk workers out there, my advice would be to try one of these machines. It has improved my work life, my attitude and my health no end, and something I would highly recommend and promote to users and businesses alike.


I purchased my desk from the they are experienced treadmill deskers and could not only answer my questions technically but also gave me their own personal experience of how they use their own treadmill desks – making the sales process not only easy, but an enjoyable one.