Treadmill Hot-desking

Treadmill Hot-desking

The way we work is ever changing, and not only are businesses having to change the way they operate, but employees are also being asked to adopt a fresh approach to work.

The idea of hot-desking has been around for some time now, but now many large organisations are turning their entire office spaces into hot-desking environments. Whilst this may create a more dynamic workplace, we have to ask, is it good for employee health? 

The idea is that all staff are asked to clear their desks completely at the end of the day, and upon their return the following day retrieve their belongings out of a locker and find a new desk to work on, this can mean having to adjust all of their equipment again. However, the common feedback among staff is that they don't always have the time to spend each day adjusting a new chair, screen or desk which sadly means that the otherwise healthy 30 year-old is suddenly suffering from joint pain that they didn't suffer from before. 

There's a wide range of ergonomic equipment on the market to aid and assist the office worker, however businesses need to start addressing the practicality and convenience of the equipment they are providing.

Monitor arms need to be easily adjustable, so that each user can adjust it to their specific height preference. The below monitor arm by Viewlite offers a 360 degree swivel as well as screen tilt and easy, convenient height adjustment.


 £105 inclusive of VAT available to purchase here 

Another desking solution is of course a height adjustable desk. We recommend the series P range by Scandinavian company Kinnarps. The popular desk is featured as part of our ultimate workstation, however you can contact our furniture department for a quotation on the various style options for the desk on 020 7536 2345.

Health professionals have long stressed the importance of activity in the workplace, not only does walking and working from a treadmill desk improve circulation, stress levels and productivity, but they're also great for easing joint pain. By engaging in gentle movement workers aren't locked in the same position for long a period of time and walking will naturally improve posture.

For our complete range of treadmill and bike desks and ergonomic accessories please visit our online store or contact us on 020 7536 2340



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