Some facts even we didn't know about walking and working

Some facts even we didn't know about walking and working

Since our launch in early 2015 we have been blogging about the many positives there are to gain from walking and working on a treadmill desk. Everything from improvements to cardiovascular health to the power the walking posture can have on our joints, often relieving many users of their aches and pains completely. 

We honestly thought we knew everything there was to know about the health benefits of being active at work. that was until a recent study revealed the effects that a counter-sedentary lifestyle can have on the other organs in our body. 

Eye Health

Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you, apparently walking an working can lead to enhanced vision, as walking relieves pressure around the eye.

Improved Pancreas

A recent study detected that those who regularly walk had better glucose levels than those who ran 6 times as much. 

Aiding in Digestion

Walking is a great natural way to improve your digestive health. Balancing the gut is vital in the prevention of colon cancers. Walking helps normalise the colon by quite literally keeping it moving. 

Balancing the mind

Physical activity has long been associated with improved mental health, particularly alleviating stress and anxiety. However, more recently it has been sighted as an effective way to combat certain types of depression. 

We enjoy discovering all the ways that walking and working can benefit the human body. If you are interested in discovering how a treadmill desk can improve your health, please call us on 020 7536 2340.