Treadmill Desk - Getting Started

Treadmill Desk - Getting Started

Whether you've invested in your own treadmill desk or your company has recently installed a treadmill "Hot-Desk" it's important to get yourself frequented with your treadmill desk so that you can enjoy the many benefits of walking and working.

Treadmill Desk Installation 

Installing your treadmill desk is relatively simple, you will just need to check that the treadmill base is placed on a level surface and that the walking belt is centered, you can check this by watching this video if you have purchased one of our desk and base packages you will also need to build your height adjustable desk - full instructions for this are always provided. However, if you prefer you can request our installation service for £60, the desk will be fully assembled in your chosen location and everything will be fully set up for you to start walking and working immediately

How to Start 

Many of our users have been sitting in a desk chair for years, making the switch to a walking desk is something that will take a little adjusting to. We always recommend that users start off slowly, in both speed and the amount of time they spend walking and working initially. Your walking and working pace will be quite a bit slower than your usual walking pace - you will need to adjust the speed quite a lot on your first session which will help you find your natural rhythm. Once you've found a comfortable speed you will find that the walking aspect quickly becomes secondary to working. In the first few days of treadmill desking, we would recommend that you intersperse walking and working between sitting and standing - this will help you gradually build up to walking and working for longer lengths of time. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Treadmill Desk

If you only have treadmill "hot-desks" available to you, you may only be able to use the treadmill desk for short periods of time. So you need to make sure that you are using the treadmill desk productively. We find that stepping on the treadmill desk first thing in the morning to check emails is a great way to start the day, not only will you get your emails answered in a timely manner but you'll also give your body an injection of energy which will hopefully set you up for the whole day. Other great times to use the treadmill desk are shortly after lunch, or just before 3 pm - many health studies have proven that light exercise during the working day can even beat the 3 pm lull. If you are lucky enough to own your own treadmill desk you'll soon find that there isn't one task that you can't complete from your treadmill desk. 

Making Sure You're Working Ergonomically

Walking and working is a completely different way of working, in order to maintain the correct posture when you're walking and working you need to make sure that your eyes are level with the top of the computer screen. You may need the help of a monitor arm to do this, we have specially selected a range of monitor arms for use with each of our treadmill desks - you will find details of this in our store.

For help and advice on setting up and using your LifeSpan Treadmill Desk please contact our experienced team of treadmill deskers on 020 7536 2340.