Why regular treadmills aren't suitable for walking and working.

Why regular treadmills aren't suitable for walking and working.

We are often asked why a regular treadmill can't be used for walking and working. We have seen a number of DIY treadmill desks and whilst we admire the effort that has gone into creating these machines they're not really suitable, especially in a work place.

Our Lifespan treadmill bases have been designed from the ground up for walking, there are differences....

Firstly, if you want to work you will probably need a desk. Our treadmill bases do not have uprights that house the console or heart rate monitor handles. This allows a height adjustable desk to be positioned in the right place to ensure the perfect posture for users of all heights whilst walking and working.

The motors in our treadmills are also different. When running on a traditional treadmill you spend most of the time in the air! When we walk we transfer our full body weight from one foot to the other meaning far greater friction and load on the motor. Our motors are also designed to deliver their power at a lower and narrower speed range than running treadmill motors. This means they are quieter too which allows you to concentrate on your work and not disrupt anybody sitting nearby!

For safety reasons our machines are supplied with a 4mph speed limit, this can be reduced to 2 mph. This is especially important in the workplace where it would not be a good idea to have machines capable of running speeds.

There are three treadmill bases to choose from and the decision is simply determined by the intended daily hourly usage. Our entry level TR800 base is designed for home users who intend to walk for up to 3 hours each day. Our mid-range model is the TR1200 which is rated for 6 hours daily usage. These are suitable for more active home users or small business applications.

Our range topper is the TR5000 which is designed for 10 hours usage per day. Not only does the TR5000 have a larger motor but it also incorporates cooling and has a thicker belt. This is the ideal choice for business where multiple users will share the machine.

If you would like further information or help choosing the right machine please call or fill in an enquiry form and one of our advisers will get in touch.