How to Make Your Office a Healthier Place

How to Make Your Office a Healthier Place

We spend most of the day in the office so it's easy to slip into unhealthy ways, sometimes all it takes is the smell of a colleagues tasty lunch and the rabbit food is in the bin and you find yourself reaching for a tasty burger. There's also the temptation of after work drinks, Wine Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays are becoming a regular fixture in many diaries and while it's fine to treat yourself, it's important to consider your health. So we have put together some tips to keep you healthy at work. 

 Yes, we love our coffee, but remember to drink it and other caffeinated beverages in moderation. Try to reduce your intake to one cup each morning to avoid a caffeine crash later on. You can also greatly reduce calories and sugar intake by drinking your coffee without milk or sugar -- for some, this may be an acquired taste, but it is well worth it for your health. If you can't give up the milk and sugar completely just try switching from full fat to skinny milk - we promise you wont even notice the difference. 

2. Keep Hydrated, the 3pm lull is often identified as a result of dehydration. Eight to ten glasses every day -- can help keep you hydrated. Many foods are also good sources of water; fruits like oranges, grapefruit, grapes, watermelon, and apples.

3. Start a fruit club, you'll be amazed at how many people are keen to get involved. You could even run a competition on who can bring in the strangest fruit for you all to try.


4. Keep some healthy snacks on your desk. Grazing on hummus and vegetables or a small bowl of nuts will not only will they keep you feeling energised, it will also stop you hitting the office vending machine.  

5. Keep your desk clean, you'll be shocked at the amount of germs that accumulate on your desk, invest in a desk caddy full of computer wipes and hand sanitisers, so that when flu season rears it's ugly head you'll be well prepared.

6. Exercise while you work, when you sit for long periods of time disease processes set it - even if you are a regular gym goer! Taking a walk around your office - or even better - using a treadmill desk to gently walk while you work will help counteract the negative effects of sitting.

7. Book a holiday! Taking a well-earned break and coming back will make you feel refreshed, happy and probably a lot more productive.

8. Avoid long spells of overtime. While it's sometimes a necessary part of the job it's important that you have a healthy work/life balance, if you need to work overtime one day make sure that you take back those hours by starting later of finishing earlier the next day. Focusing for long periods of time on one project or working to a close deadline will naturally increase your stress levels without you even noticing it. Working for days like this can lead to you feeling run down, making you more susceptible to illness. 

9. Check your equipment. Sometimes replacing your equipment for a more ergonomic friendly product will drastically change the way you work and relieve you of any aches and pains that you may be experiencing. 

10. If you're sick, stay at home! Don't be a hero and come in, with aircon and central heating, offices are a breading ground for bacteria so why contribute to it? After all, your boss won't thank you when half your team falls victim to your plague. 


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