Official guidelines put in place to get businesses standing

Official guidelines put in place to get businesses standing

Official guidelines have been put in place encouraging office workers to get on their feet for at least 2 hours of each working day. Office workers with desk-based jobs are advised to stand up initially for two hours a day, eventually progressing to four hours, and to engage in some “light activity” during working hours. Written by a panel of international experts at the request of Public Health England and Active Working CIC, these are the first official recommendations to be published on the matter.

Recently, The Treadmill Desk Store carried out a survey on office workers across the finance, law and insurance sectors - alarmingly we discovered that the average office worker sits for more than 11 hours a day, when taking into consideration their daily commute, the time spent at their desk and time relaxing in the evening. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can have a serious detrimental effect on your health leading to heart disease, stroke, circulatory problems and strain injuries.


Businesses need to start taking the effects of "Sitting Disease" seriously, or sooner or later they will start to feel the strain that staff sickness absence puts on a business. By installing a treadmill "hot-desk" in your office, businesses can allow their employees the freedom of movement without incurring a loss due to them taking time away from their desk. The Treadmill Desk Store is an official UK supplier of LifeSpan treadmill desks, each of the desks are specifically designed for the workplace - limited to speeds of 4 MPH and much quieter than the treadmills found in gyms. The height adjustable desks have ample desk space and are suitable for multiple monitor screens, so users can continue to perform all of their usual working tasks while using the treadmill desk. 

We hope that the new guidelines published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine is the first step in educating businesses and employees on the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

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