Can you walk off type 2 diabetes?

Can you walk off type 2 diabetes?

Sitting for more than eight hours a day is associated with a 90% increase in type 2 diabetes. Worryingly, Diabetes is now the number 1 preventable cause of death in the US - even beating smoking to the top spot.

But can you really walk off type 2 diabetes? 

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin to maintain a normal blood glucose level, or the body is unable to use the insulin that is produced – known as insulin resistance.

The pancreas (a large gland behind the stomach) produces the hormone insulin, which moves glucose from your blood into your cells, where it's converted into energy.

In type 2 diabetes, there are several reasons why the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, ethnicity, age, and genetics all play a part but the overall cause in over 90% of type two sufferers is weight. In particular, fat around the abdomen. This is because it releases chemicals that can upset the body's cardiovascular and metabolic systems.

Exercising regularly and reducing your body weight by about 5% could reduce your risk of getting diabetes by more than 50%. Treadmill desk users have reported a weight loss of up to 50-70lbs in one year - without the need of restrictive dieting. Moreover, having a treadmill desk in the home or office is a great way to shave the peaks off those glucose readings. If you eat too much or take too many carbs with a meal, getting on the treadmill desk will immediately help your body dissipate the glucose in your bloodstream even at a 1 to 2 mph walking speed.

So if the cause of your type 2 diabetes is due to weight, then the treadmill desk from might just be the ideal solution for you.