What Treadmill Desks can do for your productivity

What Treadmill Desks can do for your productivity

We have long reported that treadmill desks are great for productivity, walking is medically proven to stimulate cognitive abilities - increasing your attention levels. We admit, the effects aren't immediate, it can certainly take a day or two to get familiar with your new way of working - after all you're breaking the habit of a lifetime! But once you find your pace and get used to walking at your desk you'll be amazed at what a little light exercise whilst you work can do for your productivity.

The University of Minnesota recently conducted a survey of 40 office workers, they were each asked to perform their usual daily tasks, but on a treadmill desk. After an initial drop in productivity whilst the users adjusted, the users productivity levels rose by 1 point on the specially devised scale used in the experiment. 

A Canadian office also installed treadmill 'hot-desks' in each department, they wanted their employees to use the desks for part of the day in order to perform certain tasks - the study concluded that the treadmill desks were particularly beneficial to those in a creative role.

We also came across this piece from CEO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff on how he managed to incorporate the treadmill desk into his daily routine.

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