Walking Treadmills - Lifespan's top 6 cool features explained.

Walking Treadmills - Lifespan's top 6 cool features explained.

Walking Treadmills - Lifespan's top 6 cool features explained.

Not all walking treadmills are created equal! Lifespan's TR1200 and TR5000 under desk treadmills have some really useful features which we explain below.

Choosing which model of under desk treadmill to buy can be tricky as most customers are making their first purchase and many have never used one before.

Lifespan have added some great features which may not be immediately obvious when researching your purchase but do go a long way to enhancing the user experience

Beeps: The first option I turn off are the key pad "beeps". If you're working in a shared office or like to walk whilst on a call you will find this really useful. If left on, those beeps will make far more noise than the treadmill!

Speed Resume: If like me you're constantly jumping on and off the treadmill it's really good to be able to resume at your last walking speed, rather than starting back again at the default 0.4mph and having to adjust back to your favourite pace.

Intelli Guard: I like this feature (as I'm forgetful!).The treadmill will detect if you've left the machine and switch itself off after 20 seconds. I can't see a reason for disabling this in the settings. It's a good safety feature too and is enabled by default.

Step Counting: The TR1200 and TR5000 have a built in sensor that can detect the difference between you walking or just standing on the side with the belt still on. This means your steps won't count up if you leave the belt running. No cheating here!!

Speed Limit: The top speed of 4mph is a really brisk walk and generally considered too fast for office environments. So, you can quickly limit the treadmill to 2mph which is more than fast enough for walking and working.

Safety Clip: Mainly used by businesses, the clip attaches to your clothing and the walking belt stops immediately should you walk away from the machine (don't worry - nobody to our knowledge has fallen off yet).