Our Top Active Office Installations

Our Top Active Office Installations

Our Top Active Office Installations

Over the past few months we have seen many offices adopting a new and healthier way of working, from creating a healthy eating initiative to the installation of active desking - in the form of our treadmill desks! 

This new and more active way of working is definitely spreading  - we've been lucky enough to have been invited to some of these offices to find out how our treadmill desks have been incorporated.

This software company decided to place a treadmill desks in one of their breakout rooms. Allowing their employees the freedom to step away from their desk and break away from the the main office. 

"On cold days like these, there's nothing better that an office equipped with a height adjustable active desk solution"

At Facebook UK's head office in Regents Place, they decided to bring the outside in, by creating an indoor garden  to position their treadmill desk in. In an office so well-equipped with stylish break out areas, and eateries - we can imagine that persuading staff to leave the building at the end of the day is a bit of a challenge!  

Midlands based accountancy firm PKF Cooper Parry have a dedicated treadmill desking area. The  employees at this company have really embraced the treadmill desks - they have proven so popular that they had to devise a booking system for them. 

"Over a year on and our treadmill desks are still as popular as ever, the desks are operated on a first come first served basis with bookings made via a shared calendar. The desks have proved a great addition to our office, and are used by a variety of different users all with varying needs – those with medical reasons and those just wanting to be more active."

Fitbit's new HQ in Ireland, unveiled a suite of treadmill desks - the room now lends itself to walking meetings and hot-desking and creates a comfortable environment for people to be able to enjoy the many benefits of walking and working. When the new HQ opened it's doors in August - the treadmill desks certainly caused a bit of a twitter frenzy!  

This city company took the active office concept to a whole new level, not only do they allow their staff the opportunity to walk and work but they also encourage them to engage in a spot of ping pong! 

This London bank created a bit of desk envy when they installed this treadmill desk with views overlooking every floor - we're not surprised everyone soon wanted one! 

Treadmill Desks are a great way to combat sedentary behavior and promote a healthier work ethic, we enjoy working with businesses across the UK to promote the successful implementation of the treadmill desks and this whole new way of working. If you are a business and you have employees who sit for more that 23 hours a week or you are a home worker and find yourself chained to your office chair, then you stand to benefit by installing a treadmill desk. For advice on creating an active office, please contact The Treadmill Desk Store on 020 7536 2340.