"I don't sit anymore"

"I don't sit anymore"

"I don't sit anymore"

In many offices having a meeting with your director whilst he's walking on a treadmill might seem a bit strange, but in our office this has been a normal occurrence for some time...

Since we launched The Treadmill Desk Store we have always had treadmill "hot-desks" available for everyone to use as they wish, the desks are fully equipped with a phone and a computer - in fact if you ever call our customer service team the chances are they are walking at one of our treadmill desks. 

More recently, due to expansion within the business, the treadmill desk became even more in demand and poor director John Thurgood barely got a look in.

So we got him a new toy...


He now has a TR5000-DT3 paired with a Kinnarps 1800mm custom desk set up in his office, the desk is large enough to fit both the treadmill base and a desk chair under, so that he can alternate between walking and sitting. 

Asking how he likes his new Treadmill Desk this morning, he replied, "I don't sit anymore." With the help of his treadmill desk John is now averaging at 18,000 steps a day just on his treadmill desk alone.

Like most avid treadmill deskers we speak to, they all claim that once they start using their treadmill desk more they actually find it hard to go back to sitting at a desk. 

If you're keen to start walking at work with the help of a treadmill desk and need a slightly bigger custom desk to fit your office needs then please speak to us and we will be more than happy to help.