Comparing different walking treadmills for the home worker market.

Comparing different walking treadmills for the home worker market.

Comparing different walking treadmills for the home worker market.

Covid has caused a large increase in home working and meant many people will no longer get the physical actvity of commuting, walking around the office and popping out for lunch. We've seen a large demand for treadmill desks and whilst the concept of walking and working is still relatively unknown in the UK there are now some new machines on the market.

Purchasing a treadmill desk or walking pad is a great investment in terms of your health but what should you look for when choosing a model to buy? Everybody wants value for money but choosing the wrong model and buying twice is costly.

So, what are the most important features to consider when buying a walking treadmill?

1. Motor Power - The more power the better! The motor works very hard on a walking treadmill because our weight never leaves the belt (unlike a running treadmill). We also walk for hours every day rather than shorter bursts a few times a week. Motor power is measured in HP (Horsepower). If Watts are stated, then divide the number by 746 to get the HP rating. The least powerful we've seen is the Walkslim 630 with a 350 watt motor which is 0.46HP. So, if you're heavier and/or you intend to use your treadmill for a few hours a day you may want to consider models with more powerful (and therefore larger) motors. Lifespan's entry model, TR1200 has a 2.25HP motor and TR5000 3HP by comparison and they are engineered to last for many years.

2. Walking Belt Size / Width - not all treadmills are created equal! The wider the belt, the more relaxed you'll be whilst walking and there will be less chance of straying off to the side whilst working or looking around. Also, consider the length of your stride. Both Lifespan TR1200 and TR5000 models have the largest available walking area on the market measuring 50.8cm width x 127cm length. This is 60% more surface area than the Sportstech DFT200 which measures around 41cm x 98cm by comparison.

3. Size and Storage - Home workers may be a little more restricted on space. Once tucked under a desk, a walking treadmill shouldn't take much more room than occupied by a chair. Do you need to pack the treadmill away after use? If so, a folding model may be your only option.

4. Customer Service - the internet is a wonderful thing and that's probably how you found us! We are a dedicated business and passionate about Lifespan treadmill desks. After all, we've been using them ourselves since 2015 so we will give you honest advice, not only about our machines but also the journey from your chair to "walking and working".

5. Warranty and Aftersales care - does the supplier have stock or are they a sales agent? Despite UK telephone number, not all online resellers are based in the UK. Some are more focussed on "box shifting" goods than providing support down the line. How are warranty issues resolved and once you're out of warranty, is your machine serviceable and are spare parts available in the UK? You can buy in confidence from the Treadmill Desk Store.

If you'd like any help or advice, please call us or drop us an email. We're also happy to talk about treadmill desks and help people get out of their chairs.