Perils of the DIY Treadmill Desk

Perils of the DIY Treadmill Desk

There’s that old saying, ‘buy cheap buy twice’ and that’s especially true when it comes to treadmill desks.

Whilst we applaud anyone who ditches their office chair and decides to walk and work there are a few dangers of creating your own walking workstation which you may not be aware of.

At we stock the LifeSpan range of treadmill desks and treadmill desk bases, these desks are specifically designed for the office, in fact they are actually promoted as office furniture rather than fitness equipment. LifeSpan offer three different ranges the TR800 series, the TR1200 and the TR5000 – all built for varying levels of use ranging from 3 hours per day to 10 hours a day.

It’s important to select a treadmill desk suitable for your proposed usage, over-using a basic home gym treadmill could result in static build up and the motor not working as efficiently.


Don't try this at home! 


Quite often home treadmills also have a slight incline, walking workstations should be completely flat as they are designed to align your posture so that you are working ergonomically. LifeSpan treadmill desks are limited to speeds of 4MPH for safety, they are also much quieter than gym treadmills or domestic treadmills – so fully suitable for the office environment.

If you purchase a treadmill desk or treadmill desk base through we can also provide you with a risk assessment for the equipment.

For help and advice on selecting the best treadmill for you click here or contact us on 020 7536 2340.