10 Reasons why every office needs a treadmill desk.

10 Reasons why every office needs a treadmill desk.

1. Beat the 3 pm lull - we've all been there, we get to 3 pm and our brains stop functioning. Treadmill desks have been proven to increase productivity, so a quick 20 minute walk at 3 pm will make you feel more motivated. 

2. Burn calories without noticing. By engaging in light activity during the working day you'll actually be burning 8% more calories than if you were sitting down and if you are concentrating on your work you wont even notice the mileage clocking up. 

3. Exercise produces endorphin's, and endorphin's make you happy. Happy people = a happy workplace.

4. A proven stress buster. Stress levels are reduced 30-47% faster and more effectively than with medications. 

5. Live longer. Compelling evidence shows that if you sit for long lengths of time disease process set in and independently raise your mortality risk, even if you eat right, exercise regularly and are very fit. 

6. Reduced staff sickness. Every year businesses lose thousands in staff absence caused by strain injuries. By giving employees the opportunity to stretch their legs and change their posture you will actually be making a significant investment in their health and well-being while putting the £££ back into your business.   

7. Boost your brain. Studies have shown that users of treadmill desks increase their memory and cognitive abilities by as much as 15% in a 6 month period. 

8. Make office meetings more productive. We have all sat in on meetings where half of the time is spent discussing weekend plans and the other half the actual agenda. Interestingly, many businesses in the US have replaced their boardroom table with a bank of treadmill desks and have reported shorter and more focused meetings.

9. Make medial tasks more interesting. When undertaking a task that you don't particularly enjoy, it's easy to let your mind wander. The treadmill desk keeps your mind sharp and boosts concentration levels, we promise it will even make spreadsheets more enjoyable! 

10. Great for team building. Not only is the treadmill desk a great talking point among colleagues and clients but it's also a great way of getting your team to interact with each other. Why not embark on a company challenge? After all, competition is great for motivation.