Get up, Stand up!

Get up, Stand up!

Get up, Stand up!

Technology plays a huge part in the sedentary lifestyle that many of us are now leading, in today’s world most of us can carry out our entire job without moving from our desks which has meant that office workers are often sitting for 11 + hours a day.

In a basic survey conducted by The Treadmill Desk Store on city workers, Accountants sat for an average of 13 hours a day, Insurance Brokers 11 hours and Lawyers 12 hours.

Commuting also contributes to our sedentary lifestyles with the average city worker spending up to 3 hours a day travelling to and from their place of work. Dubbed as “Sitting Disease” a sedentary lifestyle can have a life-threatening impact on your health which is not to be dismissed, in fact most health professionals state that sitting for prolonged lengths of time is just as dangerous as smoking.

Employee wellbeing is paramount to a successful workforce and therefore getting behind new technologies and ergonomics that aid and improve employee health is a culture that many companies need to adopt.

The idea of a treadmill desk is to get office workers moving, treadmill desks were invented by Dr Levine who spent a great deal of time researching the negative effects that a sedentary lifestyle can have on the body. His research showed that interspersing the working day with a light walk can lower the risk developing of heart disease or other cardiac illnesses stemming from poor circulation by as much as 64%. However, in today’s offices many workers are anchored to their desks as 90% of office work is now carried out on a computer meaning that taking a gentle stroll during working hours isn’t always possible.

At The Treadmill Desk Store, we are often asked what is a treadmill desk? How does it work? And can you really work on it? Well, to put it simply a treadmill desk is comprised of two parts a height adjustable desk and a walking treadmill belt. We sell these as treadmill desk packages, but the treadmill belt can also be purchased separately from us (product codes ending DT3) if you already have a height adjustable desk. Treadmill desks are ergonomically designed for the office, they are not considered as fitness equipment but as office furniture. The desks are large enough to fit multiple monitor screens, keyboards and phones but rather than placing a chair underneath you place the walking treadmill. So can you really walk and work? Yes, don’t get us wrong, it is a different way of working and after years of sitting at a desk you will need to establish a comfortable rhythm that enables you to carry out all of your normal daily tasks from your walking desk. However, you will soon be amazed at how quickly walking and working becomes second nature.

From the individuals point of view one of the main comments that we receive from our treadmill deskers is how quickly time goes when you’re walking and working, if you’re engrossed in a task it’s not uncommon to look down and realise that you’ve just racked up 3 miles, it’s the best exercise you can do as you don’t even realise you’re doing it. Since the launch of The Treadmill Desk Store, the feedback we have received from the companies we work with has been an increase in productivity, creativity and motivation and overall, better and more positive morale. Whether you work in a home office or a large office and believe that you could benefit from walking whilst working you can purchase, rent or lease a Treadmill Desk from The Treadmill Desk Store.