Which treadmill desk is right for you?

Which treadmill desk is right for you?

Which treadmill desk is right for you?

So you've been researching the health and work benefits of owning a treadmill desk and you've stumbled across www.thetreadmilldeskstore.co.uk and you're trying to work out which of our desks is the best fit for you. 

Our customers often fit into 3 categories, home user, small office and large company. As such, we have 3 different treadmill desks suitable for varying levels of use. 

Firstly, we have two models in each series 'DT7' which is an electronic height adjustable desk - best in multi user environments and 'DT5' which is a manual height adjustable desk, best suited to an environment where the height is unlikely to be adjusted frequently.

Our first series is the TR800 series, this is a machine designed for a single user engaging in an average of 3 hours walking and working a day. Users of this machine are generally home office workers.This machine requires lubricating every 3 months. 

Our next machine is the TR1200, this is a machine designed for moderate use, typically 6 hours per day. These are great for small offices or small teams of people. This machine also requires lubricating every 3 months.   

The TR5000 is our most heavy duty machine, this is the machine we recommend for high levels of use in multi-user environments such as break out areas and large offices. This machine requires little to no maintenance.


So once you've decided whether you require a manual DT5 or electronic DT7 height adjustable desk all you need to do is select the best model from the series, based on your estimated usage.

If you're in any doubt or you just need a bit of guidance please contact us on 020 7536 2340.