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Bike Desk
Lifespan Duo Bike Table - New to the UK!

The new Lifespan Duo Bike desk makes workplace wellness accessible to everybody.


This versatile and easy to use under desk bike system features silent pedaling making it perfect for meeting rooms, conference rooms, collaborative working and public areas. The Duo Bike Desk features two Lifespan under desk bikes fitted securely to the base of a 106cm diameter circular table. The bikes can be arraned in any position and fasten to the base on a unique sprocket system. Moving the bikes is simple and because no power is required the unit can be located anywhere.


The bikes are fitted with comfy contoured seats that are adjustable to 11 positions to accomodate people from 4'8" to 6'6" in height. The pedals are located further forward than a standard exercise bike

The 9" pedals support a large portion of the foot rather than just the ball of the foot. Finally, the pedals are placed further out in front of the seat than a traditional bike, reducing knee movement and placing your feet in a more comfortable position, more consistent with working at a desk.


The Lifespan Duo Bike table offers the simplest route to workplace wellness for your employees. Just place one in your office or canteen area and watch people sit down and start pedaling! Resistance is very low and promotes movement whilst sitting with very gentle exercise. Fitness at work has been shown to improve employee motivation, morale, and task management while simultaneously boosting employee health. Join the active office movement today by outfitting your workplace with the Duo or Trio office bike table from LifeSpan.