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About us

The Treadmill Desk Store has a sister company called Total Office – an office products supplier with over 50 years’ experience. Through Total Office we have witnessed the evolution of office products and sadly the slow descent into the sedentary life style that many of us are now leading.

Whilst out visiting a client for Total Office, Managing Director John Thurgood happened to notice someone walking on a treadmill desk. As an office products supplier, we are experienced in the supply of ergonomic products but the treadmill desk was something new, something that could potentially change the way that office workers work altogether.

After a lot of research into the many benefits of treadmill desking we looked into purchasing our own treadmill desk for use in our office. We discovered many treadmill desk manufacturers and eventually landed upon LifeSpan, they seemed to monopolise the US market with their range of Treadmill Desks. We knew we wanted a machine that would be reliable, would look good and be able to be used by our entire team for long periods throughout the day, so we ordered a LifeSpan TR5000-DT7 a walking treadmill base with an electronic height adjustable desk.

The day the Treadmill Desk arrived, there were certainly a few sceptics – ‘do you run on it? I don’t want to get all sweaty at work’ and ‘I don’t think I could walk and work at the same time’ – were a few of the things mentioned. However, objections were soon overcome when everyone discovered that you could actually walk and work – plus do all of the other things that you would normally do at a desk, type an email, answer the phone, drink a cup of coffee – okay, so maybe that last one took a bit of practice.

We knew that Treadmill Desking was a great way to work, everyone seemed more motivated and people soon developed their own routines and preferred times for using the treadmill desk. We knew that Treadmill Desks were a great thing, we just didn’t know of many people selling them – especially in the UK. So with months of planning, and agreements drawn up between ourselves and LifeSpan we became an official reseller of LifeSpan treadmill desks, and The Treadmill Desk Store was born.

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