Perils of the DIY Treadmill Desk

There’s that old saying, ‘buy cheap buy twice’ and that’s especially true when it comes to treadmill desks. Whilst we applaud anyone who ditches their office chair and decides to walk and work there are a few dangers of creating your own walking workstation which you may not be aware of. At we stock the LifeSpan range of treadmill desks and treadmill desk bases, these desks are specifically designed for the office, in fact they are actually promoted as office furniture rather than fitness equipment. LifeSpan offer three different ranges the TR800 series, the TR1200 and the TR5000 –...

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Popular Author Reviews the TR1200-DT5

At The Treadmill Desk Store, we quite often receive enquiries from writers, authors and editors - all asking the same thing, 'can you really walk and work?' The answer is yes (in fact i'm typing this blog post from my treadmill desk) so I'm living proof that this new way of working really does work. Recently, we were contacted by author KJ Charles, after several years chained to her desk writing her popular series of novels she was starting to develop some of the negative effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle, she had researched the benefits of the treadmill desks...

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Perfect Posture

Even the most comfortable of office chairs can wreak havoc on your back. The more time you spend sitting in a chair, the greater your risk of developing back and strain issues. With a treadmill desk, you never have to worry about your posture because you’re forced to stand up straight. Walking has been proven to reduce back pain just as effectively as physical therapy, but at a much more affordable price. Even if you aren’t suffering from back pain, you can prevent future injuries and pain just by walking or standing while you work. The message is clear stand more....

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Although the vast majority of research into Treadmill Desks is highly positive, unfortunately, with most new and innovative products there will always be a few skeptics. Most recently a well respected US newspaper published a story on how Treadmill Desks made subjects less productive - this story was based on one study alone. The article and study directly went against the years of research and fact's that the worlds top scientists, medical researchers and doctors have produced. Treadmill Desk enthusiasts have carefully addressed this new research in a well-balanced, though provoking article and it's well worth a read.   To read...

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The Business Insider Prove that Slow and Steady is the way to use a Treadmill Desk

The Business Insider installed a treadmill desk in their office, it's always great to hear the different opinions of users. However, the one thing that is apparent in this case is that the people using the treadmill desk at a slow walking pace between 1-2 mph (as recommended) had a better experience. The Treadmill Desks are designed for use within the workplace as a means of keep your body moving and your circulation flowing to counteract the negative effects of being sedentary for the vast majority of the day.

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Wired Magazine Test Treadmill Desks

Obviously, we think the LifeSpan treadmill desks are great, but it's always nice to read and independent review and hear that the LifeSpan treadmill desk has come out on top!  Review from Chris Haslam:  LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 This is the full professional set-up with a high-torque treadmill displaying time, distance, steps and calories, all adjusted to weight. The automated, height-adjustable desk is controlled from a simple console. The treadmill is very quiet and its 50cm-wide runway lets you forget what your feet are doing and concentrate on work. It was perfect for checking emails and for web research. Walking while working...

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Look to the past, step into the future

You only have to watch an episode of Mad Men to see how much the workplace has changed over the years, long gone are the days where smoking and drinking in a boardroom were considered acceptable. Not only has social behavior changed in offices, so has the technology - when was the last time you sent a fax for instance? So we've since swapped the bourbon for fruit teas, the filofax for ipads and yet we're still sitting in the same style office chairs and using the same type of desking which was invented long before the days of Don Draper and...

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Want to learn more about the inventor of the treadmill desk?

Dr James Levine is co-director of the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Obesity Initiative - he's also inventor of the treadmill desk.    Like any novel concept, Dr James Levine started researching the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and was met with his fair share of resistance from peers and colleagues refusing to change, accept and embrace the new. The insinuation that sitting was independently harmful, and harmful enough to kill was so unpopular that his peers sent letters to senior faculty at the mayo Clinic suggesting he was psychiatrically ill - resulting in Dr James Levine being...

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Grace Dent Reviews the TR1200-DT7 on Channel 4's Gadget Man

Last night's episode of Gadget Man on channel 4 saw presenter Richard Ayoade along with comedian Dara O'Briain and journalist Grace Dent test a wide range of gadgets designed to make your working life easier and more productive.   They tested everything from office golf simulators to exercise chair's - all with varying levels of enthusiasm!                   Interestingly the gadget that came out on top was, you guest it... the treadmill desk, more specifically the LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 treadmill base and electronic height adjustable desk. The desk got rave reviews from journalist Grace Dent exclaiming "of all...

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Treadmill Desks Featured on Good Morning Britain

In light of the new health guidelines for office workers introduced earlier this week, Good Morning Britain takes a look at the differences between an active office and a regular office environment. Click here for video link. 

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