New Range of Monitor Arms added to our store.

Today we launched a new range of monitor arms, we have been working with Viewlite and have tried and tested all of the monitor arms in our store with each of our treadmill desks in order to find the right system for each of our walking workstations.

The Viewlite monitor arms are durable, flexible and capable of holding weighty monitor without losing strength - perfect for treadmill desks. 


Viewlite Duel Monitor arm - Suitable for DT5 and DT7 Treadmill Desks £235



Viewlite Single Monitor Arm - Suitable for DT5 & DT7 £440

Viewlite Adjustable/Swivel Monitor arm for use with our Ultimate Workstation 1600mm walk-sit-stand desk £120

In order to work ergonomically the top of your computer screen should be level with your eye, although our desks are fully height adjustable users may find that they need the help of a monitor arm to raise their monitor to the correct working level. 

for help and information please contact our helpful team of treadmill deskers for more information 020 7536 2340.

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