The Lifespan Duo. An under desk bike you can put anywhere!

Under desk bikes make it easy to get gentle exercise and movement whilst sitting at a desk. The Lifespan Duo Bike Desk is a great new product that has been designed with comfort and flexibilty in mind. What we love about the Lifespan Duo is the silent operation and that it doesn't require power.

There are two versions, the Duo which features two Lifespan Solo under desk bikes attached to a 106cm circular desk and the Lifespan Trio which is similar but with 3 under desk bikes and a 117cm circular desk.

Lifespan Trio shown above.


The bikes themselves can be easily repositioned and sit securely in place on a unique pinion system. The seat is really comfortable and the large pedals are set more forward that a traditional bike which makes it easier to use and less stress on your knees.

So, if you are looking for a wellness product that can easily integrate into your business, we think the Lifespan Duo and Trio are perfect. Put one in a breakout area or canteen and watch people walk straight up and start pedaling!




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