Popular Author Reviews the TR1200-DT5

At The Treadmill Desk Store, we quite often receive enquiries from writers, authors and editors - all asking the same thing, 'can you really walk and work?' The answer is yes (in fact i'm typing this blog post from my treadmill desk) so I'm living proof that this new way of working really does work. Recently, we were contacted by author KJ Charles, after several years chained to her desk writing her popular series of novels she was starting to develop some of the negative effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle, she had researched the benefits of the treadmill desks quite heavily and came to the conclusion that this really could be a great solution for her.     

She kindly took the time to share her experiences on her blog, read her review here 

If you would like to discuss how a treadmill desk can improve your working life, please contact us on 020 7536 2340 or 

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